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This is the Open Door: A Silent Voice Fanzine, a fan-made "mini magazine" with newly made fanart and fanfictions dedicated to the manga and anime series known as Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice. Please consider visiting all of the contributors after reading, as they all have worked very hard on their pieces! For more information about the zine, please go to silentvoicezine.tumblr.com.

When this project was complete in August 2018, we had the option to donate before it was available for free only. All proceeds was given to charity. As of November 1st 2018, we have donated 100€ ($114) to the World Federation of the Deaf, thanks so much to our generous readers!


Tessie - AO3 | Tumblr | Twitter
Remi - AO3 | Devart | Fanfiction.net
Queen - Tumblr

Eleanor (earthraindragon) - Twitter | Tumblr
Fujo - Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram
Hikari - DevArt | Instagram | Twitter
Hyphen - Tumblr | Twitter
Fluffle - Tumblr
Jaefman - Tumblr | Twitter
JasminCantDraw - Instagram | Twitter
Jess P. - Portfolio | Twitter
John (hollow-ghast) - Tumblr
Meghan - DevArt | Tumblr | Twitter
Paigyloli - Tumblr | Twitter
Kat (cokalee) - Tumblr | Instagram
Lamii - Tumblr
Locksfall - Tumblr | Twitter
Mauwa - DevArt | Twitter | Tumblr
Rosy - Tumblr | Instagram
Meg (nart) -  Art Tumblr | Tumblr1 | Tumblr2
Melanie - Twitter
Michy - Twitter | Tumblr
Natani-art - Tumblr | DevArt
Snackypacky - Instagram
qulfeeh - Tumblr
Rou (mensesbloodbath) - Tumblr
Soul (soulody) - DevArt | Tumblr 
typintypos - Tumblr | DevArt
Teledoor24 - Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram

GreenInkPenguin - Tumblr
Kai - Tumblr

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Thank you for supporting Open Door: A Silent Voice Fanzine! The organizers and contributors are very grateful for your support! If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about our zine, please email us at silentvoicezine@gmail.com

If you really enjoy the art and written pieces, you can visit the contributors by simply clicking on their social media links within the PDF!

If you missed your chance, you can always donate to Deaf Child Worldwide (or any charity of your choice) at any time!


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Open Door - A Silent Voice Fanzine-SingleSpread.pdf 14 MB

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